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4-2-2009 - Please note that these recorders have been out of production for a few years now. This site is no longer being maintained and is here for reference only.

Disclaimer: This page is NOT affiliated or connected with ILO in any way. The files offered on this page are the sole property of the ILO corporation and are offered solely for the benefit of and availability to owners of these DVD recorders.
ILO / LiteOn SMART Firmware Hacker
Click Here for cool new program to automatically hack ILO and LiteOn firmware
to enable 3-Hour Mode, Disable Macrovision and set recorder to Region Free

Note that most newer LiteOn recorders, firmware versions past 098 for the 500X recorders and firmware versions past 197 for the 5045 recorders will not successfully hack. The Smart Firmware Hacker will find the code for MV and change it but the recorder will not allow protected content recording. The hack will still enable 3-hour mode on recorders that do not have it and set the recorder to region free (or -1 from original region).
ILO HD04 and R04 still have no problems with the hacked firmware and all latest versions available hack properly.

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LiteOn 5045 Hacked Firmware

LiteOn 5025ghc+ MV Hacked

Archive of LiteOn Firmware Files
The Archive is not maintained or hosted by this sight. It is merely a link to another.

Now Available
Ilo R04 to LiteOn 5005x Crossflash Firmware

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