Dr. Mark A. Garlick
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Dr. Mark A. Garlick

Space Artist

I am a freelance illustrator, writer and designer with a strong scientific background. In September 1993, having successfully completed a Ph.D. in astrophysics at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (UK), I secured a research post in theoretical astronomy at the University of Sussex, in Brighton (also UK). Three years later, however, tiring of research, and having realised that a scientific career was not my cup of tea, I put down the telescope to seek a career change­and I have never looked back. Since late 1996 I have established myself as a successful science writer, illustrator and fine artist, specialising in the accurate depiction of astronomical phenomenon, balancing my scientific knowledge with an artistic sense. I am a Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA).

Since starting my freelance career, my illustrations have appeared in their hundreds in magazines and books, often on the covers, in other publications and on television. These days I work mainly digitally, often producing my illustrations entirely from scratch in Photoshop, but at the beginning I was more at home with acrylic. For three years running, from 1998 to 2001, my artwork won international acclaim and top prizes in an international digital art contest partially sponsored by Scientific American, Boeing and others. I occasionally exhibit my art at small galleries, and I am currently participating in an international travelling art show, featuring the work of several of my fellow space artists from the IAAA.

I have written for several outlets, including The Guardian, New Scientist, Scientific Computing World, Astronomy Now, Scientific American, Astronomy and Sky & Telescope­the latter three being US publications. However, these days my writing is mostly restricted to books. So far I have written three popular astronomy books, two of them also illustrated by me. They are The Story of the Solar System (Cambridge University Press, 2002), The Expanding Universe (Dorling Kindersley, 2002) and Astronomy: A Visual Guide (various publishers, 2004). At present I am completing a fourth book, called The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe, due for publication in 2006. I am also working on an idea for a fifth book, plus I have written a novel, although I have yet to seek its publication.

Astronomical artwork / illustration
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